Juan Sanguesa

yohd-768x917Hey, I’m Juan!

I serve people who struggle with adult ADHD and are looking for effective ways to improve their focus and productivity.

I help them deal with ADHD “symptoms”, while getting more done in less time and with less stress.

I’m a clinical psychologist and ADHD expert, and also a UCLA certified mindfulness trainer.

I live in Chile, where I have my private practice, but I also work with clients from all over the world using different online platforms.

Since finishing both graduate school and my clinical training in psychotherapy, I have been traveling repeatedly to the US to further my professional training. I’ve had the privilege of learning from some of the most renowned authors and trainers of the new wave of mindfulness based therapies.

I’m the founder of one of the largest and most visited blogs about adult ADHD in the Spanish-speaking world, with an audience of more than 15,000 subscribers and followers…

And now I’m starting my transition into the English-speaking world, which feels a little intimidating because my first language is Spanish and I’m far from fluent in English. BUT I feel I have to do this anyway because it’s important for me to get my message to as many people afflicted with ADHD as I possibly can.

And when I’m not doing therapy, coaching, teaching mindfulness, or creating online training programs, I can be found going to the movies and eating ice cream with my 3 sons: 6 year old, Samuelito, 16 year old Wlady, and 14 year old Dante.

Also I love to travel and I often go to Los Angeles or “sunny LA,” where I spend time with my girlfriend and my dear friends with whom I participated in UCLA’s year long certification program for mindfulness facilitators.

If you’re curious and want to know more, here are 3 more things you don’t know about me…

I love salsa dancing
My favorite band is Rush
Before I went to graduate school to become a clinical psychologist I was a… dog trainer (true story!)

Work with me

If you want me to personally help you overcome ADHD difficulties and improve your focus, time management, productivity and reduce stress, feel free to shoot me an email to jssanguesa@gmail.com